For nearly 100 years the Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis through its Rabbi Sholom Rivkin Tzedakah / Merle Hartstein Maos Chitim Fund has been the central institution providing assistance to the needy families of our city at Passover time. We are very proud of this tradition and appreciate your

constant support. The Maos Chitim project has expanded to serve our growing community and its concomitant needs. We now address the need for year-round assistance to our families through a Hachnosas Kallah fund and a growing Tomchei Shabbos program.

During Passover we assist hundreds of families with gift certificates to local food shops, delivery of food and support of Pesach programs and Sedarim on local college campuses and in senior living facilities. The administrative costs for the Maos Chitim Campaign are minimal in order to assure that the needy in our community receive the maximum direct benefits from your gifts.